We have long championed revolutionary construction techniques to help address today’s real-life engineering and construction challenges. Whether it’s designing city centre accommodation, testing existing infrastructure resilience or imagining whole new cities. We have delivered buildings within incredibly tight programmes using our industry leading knowledge of offsite construction and expertise in advanced digital engineering, we’ve maximised value of new and reconfigured schemes through innovative concepts that maximise floor area and delivered exciting schemes through our design culture.

Our engineers and consultants take great pride in realising the ambitions of thousands of clients, who greatly value our multidisciplinary approach. We take a holistic view and maximise upon the benefit of our in-house teams, such as façade and geotechnical engineering and conservation consultancy services

A rigorous structural design process:

  • Exploration from first principles
  • Establishing the logic and concept
  • Optimizing the performance of frame, foundations and façades
  • Evaluating the use of materials and energy
  • Improving details
  • Testing solutions
  • Using feedback

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